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A Safe Pair of Hands

I was talking to one of my clients a few weeks back and she described me as a “safe pair of hands".

I tell you what! That made my day. It showed me that the work I am doing is more than getting the day-to-day tasks done. I’m giving value.

I set out to build strong relationships with all my clients. It’s not just about diary management, looking after your CRM or creating your newsletters. It’s also about shared values, providing a space for you to bring your ideas for feedback and sense checking.

When you are solo in your business (or a very small team) working with me allows us to create a partnership which helps your ideas to blossom and keeps your focus remaining on your “why”.

This is why I’ll be relaunching all my packages in the coming weeks, to move away from time-based tasks to packages which will give you all round value and support.

If you’d like to hear more then drop me a comment below, or send me an email on and let’s talk.

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