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Meet the team who will hold space for you to become the expert of your life

You are not the expert (at everything), and that’s ok!


LEEANNE (she/her)

Founder, mother, runner, encourager of others!

After a decade of building a professional, well-known brand as an award-winning Personal Assistant and following the birth of her daughter, Leeanne decided the time was right to branch out and offer her services providing virtual business support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The business began to thrive and Leeanne smashed her goal to become fully self-employed by the end of 2019 and by the end of 2021 has transitioned into LAVA, The Agency.

Juggling not only motherhood and a full-time business, in late 2020 Leeanne was diagnosed with stage 3, grade 3, triple-negative breast cancer, which she has recently finished treatment for.

Leeanne also runs the big-hearted, community focused Backpackers running group for those who run at a slower pace. Providing a home for those who feel lost in the many running groups around London who only support the faster runners.

You can follow her many adventures on Instagram and Connect on LinkedIn

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