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LAVA is Live

It’s been one week of full-time freelance life and so far, everyone has survived.

When I set up the business in July 2018 I had no idea that just 15 months later I would have quit my safe, easy office job and set out as a freelance business support professional.

After working out a three-month notice period, juggling 8 clients and preparing for life in the unknown I finally walked out of the office on Wednesday, 30th October ready to start the new chapter. So, how has this week gone? Well I had all these big plans of how I would be sitting at my desk working away, taking calls, having healthy lunches and taking a walk during my lunch break but also getting my washing done.

The reality: My childminder was on holiday! I’m too lazy to talk regular walks and I lived off cheese and pickle sandwiches!

The high points: My mum taking leave to look after the baby, a fab event with the Google ACE network and signing a new client on day one.

I also found out I have been nominated the The Mayor's Award for volunteering in my local Borough. For over a year now I have volunteered on a project with Mind which helps new mothers adjust to life with a baby. It was a life saver for me when my daughter was born and a role I am absolutely privileged to be able to do.

I got pretty much everything on my to-do list done and the world has not fallen down!

I am reminded daily that this is brand new to me and whilst I know my trade very well moving into a new way of working is a learning curve and one I need to give myself proper time to adjust to.

Google ACE Networking Event


What’s been left with LAVA this week.

  • A book launch! One of my fabulous clients has written a book and I have been planning the launch for her. Very excited to see it come together this Sunday

  • Regular diary management

  • Regular inbox checking

  • Face to face client catch up meeting

  • Building contact lists

  • …and more!

If you want to discuss how you can leave it with LAVA and get hold with all your business support needs, get in touch here or on

Credit - Simon R Photography

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