Having a remote assistant shouldn’t just be about transactional tasks. You need someone who works inside your business to bring out the best in you and the services you provide. Never worry if you are running out of time. With these value-based retainer packages you can ensure the work gets done without the fear of running down your hours.


Leave it With LAVA provides you with a comprehensive all-round business support service that enables you to focus on putting your expertise to good use and best of all there is a package for all budgets.

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Social Media Content Creation

All social media content will be provided by you in the form of pictures and content outline as a minimum. Content creation by Leave it with LAVA will be an additional cost dependant on the number of platforms and volume of posts.


IT Support Add on

Leave it with LAVA also offers IT support packages. Get in touch to find out how we can revolutionise your IT support.


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Retainers run monthly from the date of your first invoice. Your invoice will automatically be issued 14 days before payment is due.

All payments are due in advance, unpaid invoices run the risk of work being paused.