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Why I’m moving away from time-based packages.

What do you do?

This question came from one of my clients a little while ago. For a second it cut deep. If my own clients don’t understand what I do, how will everyone else.

I’d been thinking about switching up my pricing model for a while, but was hesitant to change when the current model was doing the job. But is just doing the job good enough?

I currently price my packages from £30 per hour. The more hours you buy the cheaper it gets but it feels so transactional. Most of my time is spent running from task A to task B rather than working with my clients to strategise and understand how they want their business to grow, what their goals are and how to achieve the greatness they seek.

This isn’t to say I don’t have great working relationships with them all, but sometimes I feel like I am missing out being in the thick of it like when I was the central hub in my old office jobs.

I was the go-to person. I was visible and always on hand to help problem solve and make sure everything was running smoothly. I was a calm voice in noisy storms.

How could I replicate the same value that I provided to my old bosses with my new clients?

One of the biggest issues with time-based bookings is that we always have one eye on the clock. How many hours do we have left? Have we run over? Are we way under? We would rush calls to save time, just fire tasks back and forth and the job would get done, clients are pleased with the output but becoming that organisational hub was missing.

When I won PA of the Year in 2013 (#Humblebrag) I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t just down to the fact I could organise the heck out of a diary and inbox and had more to do with the value I brought to my bosses and the relationships I formed. I want to replicate that with everyone I work with now, no matter what you do or the size of your organisation.

I realised that if I removed the time element of my packages then I’d be able to provide more than transactional tasks. So that’s exactly what I have done.

My new packages follow an Online Business Manager (OBM) style of working, allowing me to get closer to my clients and provide even more value for money.

Services are categorised into three tiers to suit a range of budgets and would suit anyone from solo influencer just starting out to an established SME enterprise looking to add an Office Manager function to their company.

I’m a relationships gal! Connecting with people, helping them, becoming part of their team is what I am good at and a core part of my business and these new rates reflect my experience and expertise in doing that.

Take a look at my new rates here, let me know what you think and if you’d like to discuss engaging me to help you with your business management get in touch today.

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